SSO in my Homelab using Keycloak and Crossplane

As my Homelab grows, having separate user accounts for each application is getting cumbersome. To make things easier, I decided to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) so I can use one account for all applications. OpenID Connect is the de-facto standard for [...]

Talos cluster on Proxmox with Terraform

In a previous post I showed how to set up a Kubernetes cluster on Proxmox using Terraform and Ansible. That setup has worked well, but I wanted to reduce the complexity of the setup and make updating to new Kubernetes versions easier. [...]

Using an ESP8266 to reset my hanging server

I recently encountered a rare, but recurring issue with my TrueNAS server. During resource-intensive operations like disk scrubbing, the server would sometimes hang, rendering it inaccessible over the network. The server is in a remote location [...]

Wireless Clap Sensor for Home Assistant

For the past few weeks I have been working on a DIY wireless clap sensor for my Home Assistant setup. The sensor can be used to turn lights on/off, switch TV channels, start household appliances and more. This post describes how I created the sensor [...]

GPD Win 2 Fan Control

The default fan curve on the GPD Win 2 is a bit excessive for many use cases and generates more noise than needed. To alleviate this, I have created a NoteBook FanControl (NBFC) for the GPD Win 2. [...]

Cisco Jabber Vulnerabilities

A few months ago, I discovered and disclosed some critical vulnerabilities in Cisco Jabber. A patch was issued, but it wasn't very effective. [...]